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Feel better and have more energy

Crystal Sweet Algae
- 100%
Klamath Lake
Organic Wild
Blue-Green Algae
in its Native
Form –

The highest & Purest quality Blue Green Algae involving
Refractance Window

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50% and receive FREE CoQ10!

We sell capsules by the pound (already filled,) loose powder, or in a bottle!

Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae Powder

Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae

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Blue Green Algae
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Crystal Sweet Algaeis 100% organic, natural and Kosher Blue Green Algae (AFA – Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae) from Klamath Lake.
It is the most powerful organic green wholefood supplement known to man, and the only naturally growing complete multi-vitamin in the world.

No other algae or green supplement compares to Crystal Sweet Algae(Also known as Crystal Blue Green Algae, or Crystal Algae™.) The degree of preservation of the raw material's original color and flavor indicates the quality of the drying process used. Crystal Sweet Algae looks, tastes and feels dramatically different than any other algae or green supplement on the market and thus it was named Crystal Sweet Algae™:

You can actually SEE the difference - the bright green shimmering crystals are observable to the naked eye. You can TASTE the difference – it is naturally sweeter, not bitter like most processed greens, and you can FEEL the difference – renewed life and energy from an explosion of full spectrum essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids readily absorbable by the body.

What Makes Crystal Sweet Algae the highest quality Blue Green Algae?

Crystal Sweet Algae goes through a unique and far more delicate process than all other major brands of algae or greens on the market (which are either spray dried or freeze-dried.) This delicate process – we call Crystal-Dried™ - is an advanced
process exclusive to our harvesters which involves the
Hydro-Dri™ drying process. (formally named Refractance Window drying) It allows our algae to maintains its full potency, protects its active enzymes and preserves its native crystalline structure so the algae actually enters your body in the exact same form it came out of earth.

The result is Crystal Sweet Algae is a stronger, more bio available and more complete blue-green algae providing your body with everything nature has to offer.

Many people report dramatically increased energy and endurance, improved sex drive, better sleep, less fatigue, stronger immune system, better concentration, more positive attitude, nicer skin, stronger nails, greater sense of well being and much more.

If you want to feel better
and have more energy
Blue Green Algae from Klamath Lake.
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NOTE: While other companies charge for quality algae as high as $380.00 per pound, we charge up to 50% less. And when we say quality, we mean that when comparing, compare to quality Blue Green Algae, because there are many Algae products on the market that cost less, but they were also dried using inferior drying processes that destroy the algae's nutrients and enzymatic activity. When you buy from us – you can actually SEE you are buying quality. And since we are working directly with the harvesters and no other middle-men - we pass on the savings to you and you pay up to 50% less!

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Also available Buy 2 – Get 1 FREE Probiotic Defense Formula with Veggie caps!

"I am 50 years old. I do a special type of martial arts twice a week which is quite grueling for a 50 year old body. I compete with guys half my age and sometimes twice my weight. Needless to say endurance can.. and has been.. a problem for me. Immediately upon taking the Crystal Sweet Algae I noticed a difference in my endurance. I had more energy and was more mentally alert. I have tried everything, and Crystal Sweet Algae has the best result thus far." Jim V.

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Blue Green Algae

"You can trace every sickness, every disease and every illness to a mineral deficiency" Dr. Linus Pauling, Nobel Prize Winner, Twice.

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